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Adobe Lightroom 3.5 – Now Available

September 28, 2011



Today, Adobe moved Lightroom 3.5 out of RC status and made it officially available.



It includes the following updates:

  • Additional camera support for over 20 new camera models including the Nikon Coolpix P7100, Olympus E-PL3 and Sony SLT-A77
  • Corrections for issues introduced in previous versions of Lightroom 3
To download the latest version, visit the Adobe Product Download Page

GALLERY: Nikon D7000 Test Shots

April 26, 2011

One day, when I’ve got some time, I’m going to sit down and write a short (maybe) post about how my photography went from a curiosity, to a hobby, to a habit.  I don’t suppose that it will be all that different from most enthusiasts’ stories, but it’s mine, and it’s pretty enjoyable, and if nothing else, hopefully you’ll identify with it.

I attempted to get out this weekend to take some shots with a new camera… but between a dental emergency, a sudden desire to re-sod my backyard, and a holiday… my time ended up being spoken for.  I am slowly combing through what images I did take however and these three jumped out at me…

Oh… and because Lightroom 2.7 wouldn’t support the images from the D7000, I had to upgrade to LR3.3 — I haven’t messed with it to have an opinion on the upgrade yet.  But I’m sure I will soon…

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VIDEO: Lens Correction Feature in Lightroom 3

April 27, 2010

I love the look of wide lenses.  Especially when shooting sweeping landscapes or even just around the house when I want to give an open feeling to the image.  But I am NOT a fan of the fish-eye effect.  I think it’s distracting and except in the most stylized of uses, should be avoided.  (Just a personal preference here… )

Adobe has officially released some video on YouTube demonstrating some fantastic embedded lens profiles which will seemingly correct these distortion issues with the click of a button.  You obviously also have the ability after the fact to tweak any changes made.

Looks powerful!

Direct Link to video: HERE
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