Nikon’s PR Disaster – RESPONSE

September 29, 2011

After the misstep of posting the following  on their Facebook Page:

“A Photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses.” 

Nikon has issued the following reponse:

“We know some of you took offense to the last post, and we apologize, as it was not our aim to insult any of our friends. Our statement was meant to be interpreted that the right equipment can help you capture amazing images. We appreciate the passion you have for photography and your gear, and know that a great picture is possible anytime and anywhere.”

We all got a good chuckle out of this.  It was so obviously just poor choice of words and not a legitimate sentiment by the camera giant.  Forgive and forget… I’ll let the love affair with my two Nikons and various Nikkor lenses continue now.


One comment

  1. hummm, being a lifelong nikon shooter (well at least since 1969 not quite a “life long” shooter, apologies offfered), and an avid reader of several so called “photography” experts, in an odd way nikon’s original statement carried some (at not absolute) truth. the photographer is in fact only as good as his equipment. of course if you’re henri cartier bresson, or ansel adams, or someone of their ilk, then the statement doesn’t hold water. but as for me, i trust and believe in the nikon/nikkor brand, so for myself: mistake? no. truth? yes

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