Nikon’s Huge Public Relations Error…

September 28, 2011

Nikon published a post on their Facebook Page stating:



“A Photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses.” 



Now, I understand the sentiment of this, but when you actually stop and read it, it can be taken as:

1) You can’t shoot good photos, unless you have [our] “good” gear.  

Or even more scandalous…

2) Your “good” photos, are a a result of our “good” gear 

… thus totally discounting your skill and hardwork in the process. 

This is more humorous to me than offensive.  But really… just a wonderful example of why it’s important to have the PR team run the post by someone before it goes live.

How much enjoyment do you think the folks over at Canon are getting out of this.  🙂




One comment

  1. nikon sucks big time , this advertisement clearly show arrogant they are , photography is a skill , and a skill is more important then equipment , its like saying painter is as good as the brush it uses .

    this comment on the behalf of nikon is insult to all photographers , who have take years to master the art of photography and thsi is what they get from the company who earns its bread and butter from the photographers.


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