September 28, 2011

This afternoon, I was informed that the restrictions on NOT publishing any Screenshots from the new 500px BETA iPad app had been lifted.  As a result, I am pleased to finally be able to show the images below.  I’ve been asked to reinforce the fact that this is a work in progress, with changes being made daily.


If you haven’t read my two previous posts which describe the app in detail, please see:

BETA REVIEW: 500px iPad App (30 minute review) and BETA REVIEW: 500px iPad App (Part II)


  • The iPad Splash Screen – As I said before, they are holding a contest to find an image to be the permanent “front door” of the app.  I think this one’s pretty good… but hey… who knows.  You slide your finger across the bottom right corner to open the app.


  • The Main Screen of the app – This is in Portrait mode, my preferred orientation.   I have a thumbnail for a landscape view below.  You’ll notice the navigation menu on the left side of the screen with all of the options you need.  To the right of the menu, 12 crystal clear thumbnails.

Click image to see Landscape view:








  • Full Image View:  By tapping an image on the thumbnail screen, you are taken to a fill screen view of the image.  By default, there is nothing else on the screen (which is wonderful!), but by tapping once more, you can see the image stats at the bottom, along with interactive buttons for Like, Favorite & Comment.  At the top left, you can press the arrow to get back to the thumbnail screen.  At the top right, you can expand the Export menu.  (Pardon the self promotion with the image.  This was taken at sunset in Lewes, Deleware in June.)

  • The Export Options:  If you tap the Export button, you get the following options:

Well… this pretty much gets you up to speed.  As I do further testing, on new versions of the product, I will be able to include screenshots from now on.



  1. […] NOTE:  At the time of writing this, I was asked NOT to include Screenshots, thus there are not here.  But since then, they have lifted that restriction.  Please see THIS POST FOR SCREENSHOTS. […]

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