Zenfolio – New Features: HD Video, New Menus, Tablet Support

September 22, 2011

As a followup to my post yesterday, I thought I’d share this.  I am a big fan of sites that continue to work to add new features.

It was very reassuring to me, only days after switching, to log into Zenfolio and see a window sharing with me some new features that were coming to the site.  As I said, this was sort of my gripe with SmugMug — things were beginning to feel dated.

  • HD Video – Zenfolio will begin hosting 1080p HD video shortly.  So… no need to separate your portfolio across multiple sites when you need to include video.
  • Better Tablet Support – Along with their iPhone/iPad app they have optimized the user experience when viewing on a tablet.  The slideshows are all coded in HTML5 so they work beautifully on all devices — no Flash necessary.
  • New Menus & Themes – To keep things fresh, five new Menus and Themes have been added.

COUPON CODE – You save 10%:  Okay… read carefully.  All of my praise of Zenfolio the last few days, is totally unbiased.  I simply want the best photo hosting option.  I haven’t been paid or compensated in anyway by them or anyone else to sing this tune.  But… as with all of these sites, there are referal bonuses.  And I’m going to give you mine.  What will this do?  When you sign up for a full subscription, it will give you 10% off the price (and yes… I will get a small kickback as well).  Hey… we’re in a recession… but I’ll keep my honest thoughts coming regardless of the income.  So… if you want to sign up… use this code when prompted:  N95-WSY-REW


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