LINKS: An Inside Look into your Photographer's Brain

September 21, 2011

An Inside Look into your Photographer’s Brain (from Wedding Photographer 411)

This is a great article from the blog Wedding Photographer 411.  I like it because it’s not written from a snarky point-of-view, but rather from an informative angle.  But in only a few paragraphs it captures the quick decisions we all go through before we press the shutter.

I love the intro:

You look great, you step into the shot and you watch the photographer press the button.  Then he looks at the back of the camera, maybe he grimaces and then he tweaks a bunch of settings in the camera and takes another shot. Then he or she does it again and again and again.  Once satisfied they smile and begin shooting.  When you see the final shot weeks later you LOVE it!  Well here is what had to happen in order to capture that image.  Now remember, some of us make it look effortless but it is no less difficult.  Some or ALL of these things have to happen for every shot!

Check it out…

Original Post HERE



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