Flickr Photo Group — Looking for participants…

April 1, 2011

Writers have writers groups… I’ve been involved in them, and they’re wonderfully helpful for spurring creativity, and finding constructive criticism. I’m thinking about starting a small one (maybe 10 folks to start) for Photographers.

Who is welcome:

  • Anyone from Professionals to Hobbyists to Amateurs – a good mix would be best.

What is required:

  • A Camera, obviously.
  • A Flickr account.  These are free and easy to manage.
  • A Twitter account is recommended.  Not everyone loves twitter, I understand, but it really is a great way to communicate.  You can find me at @topical_optical

How it works… what’s asked of you:

  • Every week, you must upload at least two images, but not more than five.  These must be images you have taken over the last week.  They don’t need to be dramatic or exotic… just new.  Heck… take a picture of your kitchen table, but make it the best picture you can.  We welcome post-processing (Lightroom, Aperture, Photoshop, etc.) or “au natural”… whatever your style is.
  • On the Flickr group, you must use the comment section to offer constructive praise and criticism.  This should be detailed and informative.  Not just “I really like this image… beautiful”.
  • Respect. If you are a professional that has been capturing images on a $4,000 rig for 30 years… be mindful that some of us are not at that level.

What is this meant to do:

  • Force you to get out and shoot something new every week
  • Force you to critically examine the work of others
  • Force you to take critical examination of your own work
  • Meet interesting folks
  • Have some fun


  • Hit me up on twitter: @topical_optical
  • Email me: contact[at]garretthauenstein.com
  • Comment on this post


  1. I’m definitely interested. this is a great idea! Looking forward to seeing where it might go!

  2. interesting. i am interested.

  3. Sounds like a challenge.. I am in!

  4. Okay I got a flickr account going as natural seen photos.. how do i connect to the group?

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