Links: 150 Unmissable Photo Websites

February 25, 2011

20 Years ago, Photography involved a camera, lenses, lighting equipment and a portfolio.  Now-a-days, that list has expanded to a computer (at least one), various websites which host images, all sorts of post-processing software as well as all of the social media sites that we are, for better or worse, are now part of our craft.

Personally, I enjoy it, my love of technology comes very close to my love of photography. A relatively new site, PIXIQ (I’m guessing, pronounced: Pix-eek??) just published a list of “150 Unmissable Photography Websites” which, for the time I have reviewed it, seems to miss NOTHING. I may have reworked the order a little, but they put in the effort, so I won’t nitpick too much.

Take a look: 150 Unmissable Photography Websites (via Pixiq)


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