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Music: Feel the lusciousness…

February 25, 2011

Going to stray from the photography for a moment here and just share this.  This song is one of my absolute favorites.  Just sultry and dark and luscious.  Normally, I’d post the official video, but something about these two guys and their dancing was just so fantastic.

Depeche Mode: It’s No Good (via YouTube)


Links: 150 Unmissable Photo Websites

February 25, 2011

20 Years ago, Photography involved a camera, lenses, lighting equipment and a portfolio.  Now-a-days, that list has expanded to a computer (at least one), various websites which host images, all sorts of post-processing software as well as all of the social media sites that we are, for better or worse, are now part of our craft.

Personally, I enjoy it, my love of technology comes very close to my love of photography. A relatively new site, PIXIQ (I’m guessing, pronounced: Pix-eek??) just published a list of “150 Unmissable Photography Websites” which, for the time I have reviewed it, seems to miss NOTHING. I may have reworked the order a little, but they put in the effort, so I won’t nitpick too much.

Take a look: 150 Unmissable Photography Websites (via Pixiq)


Portfolio: Featured in Variety Back-Cover Ad

February 23, 2011

Here in Los Angeles, one of the most widely read periodical is Variety (or Daily Variety, if we’re being formal).  Very excited to say that one of my photos was featured on a back-cover full page ad yesterday: