TIPS: Stock Photography on the [Super] Cheap!

May 3, 2010

After reading a post on Digital Photography School about DIY backgrounds for product shots, it got me thinking about some of the first Stock Photography shots I took.

I never got very big into the Stock Photography scene.  I kept getting my images rejected from sites for thing like “incorrect exposure” when in reality, it was completely intended to be a “dark & moody” shot.  After while I figured that if I’m looking for full freedom in my artistic expression, Stock Photography isn’t the place to be.  But… I did spend a little time with it and have had a small amount of success.  What’s funny to me, however, is that the FIRST stock session I did, yielded what has become my most popular stock shot.  It is a simple image of some prescription bottles and pills on a while background, seen below:

Now… what’s even funnier is my set up.  At the time… I had virtually nothing in the way of even semi-professional equipment.  I had a camera body, two cheap lenses, a totally junky Wal-Mart tripod and other than two 250 Watt bulbs… no lights to speak of.

I mounted one of the bulbs in lamp I had in my living room, and the other in my daughter’s bedside princess lamp.  I adjusted them to get the best and most even lighting I could and just went with it.  If there is a moral to this story, I suppose it’s that no one else needs to see what’s outside the view of the lens.  If it looks good in the frame… then it looks good… period.
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