TECHNOLOGY: Google Wave Notifier (Firefox & Chrome)

December 16, 2009

If you’re anything like me, getting used to checking one more digital communication device can be a tough habit to get into.  Many of us have multiple e-mail accounts, Twitter accounts, Facebook and lord knows what else.  So… when a little helping hand comes along to assist your memory — we’re always appreciative.

Recently two Google Wave Notifiers have been released, one for the Chrome browser and one for Firefox.  I’ve not used the chrome, but the Firefox add-on has proven highly reliable.  From your Add-On manager, you can change the settings which currently default to “check every 30 minutes” if this is just too long for you.  And upon initial installation, you’ll need to input your Google Wave credentials.

Google Wave Notifier (Firefox)

Google Wave Notifier (Chrome)


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