Google World Domination Pt. 876: Google Wave (launching tomorrow)

September 29, 2009

GWLogoI was fortunate enough to be part of the initial roll-out of Google Voice (f.k.a. Grand Central) and found it a wonderfully helpful tool.  Now… Google’s latest offering – Google Wave attempts to take the best of Facebook Status Update, Twitter Posts, and EMail… stick ’em in a blender, add some steroids and hopefully we’ll find ourselves with a whole new way to communicate.  The product begins its availability to the public tomorrow.

Wave touts the ability to have multiple conversations simultaneously, with many participants.  You can involve other Wave users in your conversation as you see fit, and can include multi-media, games, maps, etc.

The first round of participants will likely be those close with Google or those first signing up on the list who are willing to do bug reporting for Google.  But take this change to sign up nowHERE

Google Wave User Interface

Google Wave User Interface

For Google’s latest official announcement on Wave:  CLICK HERE


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